It took a day's walk
To get away from this town
Pure air
For Pure thoughts

Hear the moon sing
And the trees
Tell their tales
Up there in the hills

Lay your bag down and contemplate
the change from afar
It's hard to believe
I still don't know what it means

Oh how long have I held on to you
My justice of fate
Now the early dew
Feeds my weary spirit

See the sun arise
In my Valley of Hope
Opens up in front of me
Valley of Hope..
Valley of Hope..
Valley of Hope..

When you find what you
Had sought for
Your tears of joy
Are easy to confuse

As all these doubts
Is life a mere one way ticket
Or a never ending quest?

Still captivated by
My own anxiety
I decide to leave and leave behind
What kept me alive for so long

Tell me where would you go now?
There's a truth in every night
I got walk on and say goodbye

As the sun goes down
In my Valley of Hope
Oh, I'm glad that I found
My Valley of Hope..
Valley of Hope..
Valley of Hope..


from Great small​-​boat journeys (Transitions), released November 20, 2014




Tristan Crowley San Sebastián, Spain

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